Terms & Privacy Policy

We want you to feel safe using our services. Your privacy is our first priority.

This page describes what information we collect through our services and how it is used.

General Tips

Information You Provide

To use our services you may provide us with certain information including a name, username, birthday, photos, email address, location and more. Sensitive information such as your exact location and email address are never shared with other users. Information you add to your profile will be visible to other users.

Information Usage

In addition to information you provide, our services may collect certain information which is automatically shared by your device. This may include details such as your IP address and approximate location. We also store technical information such as details about the device you are using, crash logs and analytical data so that we can improve our services. Content you upload to our services may be shared with others for promotional purposes (e.g. featured posts and AppStore screenshots). You may opt-out of this at any time by contacting us directly. Information you provide may be used in an anonymised form to improve the service in the future and to target advertising. Your birthday will be used to verify that you are eligible to create an account as well as to provide targeted services. Content uploaded to our services may be analysed for purposes such as automatic tagging and categorisation. Information and content you share on the service may be used in our other products.

Networks & Data

Content uploaded by you will be stored on our servers in order to provide services. You maintain ownership of any and all content uploaded to our service. Like most other services, content you upload may be stored and cached for a reasonable period of time. Content meta-data (such as post time, likes, actions, etc.) may be retained after content is deleted so that we can understand how people are using the service and provide better features in the future. In order to provide our services we may require the processing or storage of your content on third-party services (for example, server hosting and caching).

Contact Us

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.